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Snowflakes are actually the perfect metaphor for people. Each one IS unique, but we all have the same structure and are pretty similar in spite of our differences. And really, with as many around as there is, aint no one gonna notice your differences unless they care enough to look closely.

People are also similar to snowflakes in that it is difficult to drive when there are too many of them piled up on the road.

Well that took a turn I didn’t expect

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bullshit wolf
these are the statistics they should really be talking about on wolf watch

  • left alive refers to Colton and Adelaide asking to leave the show, and being written off without a character death
  • I know Shelley was only in a couple of episodes, but I believe she’s going to be a regular next season?
  • there were at least four more regular/recurring male characters than female, and this graphic does not include Scott’s father, Deputy Parrish, etc. I may well have missed some others too.

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There is a rumour going around that I have found God. I think this is unlikely because I have enough difficulty finding my keys, and there is empirical evidence that they exist.

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Laura Osnes, Matt Doyle, Michael Arden, Ben Crawford, Ensemble

—The Curse of the Irish


"The Curse of the Irish" sung by Laura Osnes, Matt Doyle, Michael Arden, Ben Crawford, and the Ensemble of Kerrigan & Lowdermilk’s demo recording of the musical Republic

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cool college guy recipe:

  • hot dog on pizza

what you will need:

  • hotdog
  • pizza
  • oven


  1. 1hotdog
  2. preheat oven
  3. hotdog on pizza
  4. pizza in oven
  5. microwave timer set to 20 minutes, smoke a bowl and toss the  pigskin cuz thats what cool college guys do t hese days they are jock/stoner hybrids
  6. 6 ding fries are done hot dog pizza

Do you do weddings

i do whatever the hell i waint

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ANNIE - Official Trailer (2014)

I’m not gonna lie, I teared up a little bit when I saw the trailer.

I’m sooo excited for this… cheese fest and all!

this is so freaking adorable and yes i cried. I can’t wait.


So I’ll probably get slammed for this (because, tumblr) but here goes anyway.  Ask box is open, slam away.

When the original Little Orphan Annie was written, chronologically we were a lot closer to a time where there was a strong bias against Irish people.  By making Annie red haired, it was implied that she was of Irish descent, and by extension, the audience would have inherently known that was part of the bias against her.

Changing Annie’s race to African American replicates this same dynamic in modern society, and that’s a big part of why so many people were upset by it.  A BLACK orphan?!  Nooooooo, keep her white and red haired and cute I DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH HOW THIS IS MAKING ME UNCOMFORTABLE.

Casting Annie as black in 2014 is a much more true to the original character than casting her as a caucasian red head.

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